Frequently Asked Questions:

How does the Feahter-Raft perform in choppy water?|||

Does the Feather-Raft need to be registered? Each state is different, check with your state's regulatory agency. Every Feather-Raft comes with the necessary documentation for registration.

Does the Feather-Raft come with accessories? Check with your local dealer for package deals. Additionally, there is an accessory kit which includes the removable motor mount, an 8 foot paddle, and the spin seat bucket lid.

What is the max weight capacity of the Feather-Raft? The total weight capacity is 500 pounds.

How much does the Feather-Raft weight? The Feather-Raft weights about 70 pounds. 

When will the rotational molded model be available? The mold was sent to a new location in February 2019. There is a process of getting tooling ready for production and a period of product review and quality control. We hope it soon but we want to ensure the quality of the Feather-Raft. 

How do I assemble the wooden motor mount?

How do you set up your FEATHER-RAFT®?