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Elias Ruiz here, I am a veteran of the US Navy, a middle school math and science teacher, an entrepreneur, and an avid outdoors-man. I have been experimenting with raft designs since 2008. The first raft I had ever created was made of two liter bottles. It was designed so I could carry it by myself, bow-fish, fish, and hunt from it. I finally designed something that I thought I could bring to the market so I filed for the patent and registered a couple trademarks. One trademark for the company name, and one for our first product. Currently, the Feather-Raft is patent pending and my idea is gaining attention. 

The Feather-Raft is an easy way to enjoy your time on the water. I use my raft for fishing, hunting, bow-fishing, and just for fun. The Feather-Raft weighs about 60 pounds yet it's able to keep more than 600 pounds afloat. I am able to carry my raft with one arm hence the name "Feather-Raft": It's light as a feather. This is NOT an inflatable raft and it's built to last using corrosion resistant materials. I have been using one of my prototype feather-rafts since early 2011 and it's still in great working condition. 

Google "Feather-Raft" or check it out on YouTube channel: Coalface173 playlist: "Feather-Raft."Feel free to contact me with your questions or to request more information. You may also friend request me on Facebook search for "Feather Raft" there is a Feather-Raft page, and public group. Additionally, there is a Coalface Creations, LLC Facebook page where we plan to feature future products.

Compared to some kayaks or canoes, the Feather-Raft is lightweight, stable, and buoyant. I stand on my raft most of the time since I have a difficult time sitting for long periods of time. With the standard Feather-Raft, you will have about 32 square ft of surface area to carry your gear (fishing poles, firearms, archery equipment, ice chest....). There are 4 rod holders, a Nite-Ize figure 9 rope cleats, and a safety line with a quick tightener to secure your seat/s and gear to the raft. The standard size Feather-Raft is 4 ft x 8 ft x 6 in. Optional items include a paddle, a padded swivel seat bucket, and a removable motor mount. I will deliver the raft if needed, California only, at $0.40 per mile (the first 10 miles are free). I can also arrange for freight shipping for long distances from the 95351 area code. Also search and for more shipping options. 


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